Snab got rear ended

So here we are, Friday, enjoying our lunch with a group of friends. My work friends, Mike and Yogi, and my personal friends, Tony and Dan. Had a nice lunch at Yasmeen Bakery, enjoyed some Al-Jazeera TV, laughed, etc. We’re heading back to work along westbound Warren Ave. and Mike yelps for me to stop as the cars in front of me were stopping suddenly. No worries, I don’t tailgate, so we had plenty of room to stop with plenty of room between me and the car in front of me. But about 4 seconds later, I get bumped. DAMN! No biggie, I thought, but I KNEW!!! I get out of the car and see my rear passenger-side bumper is caved in (it’s plastic). Looks worse than it really is, as I popped it out later in the day. It was an Arab girl in a maroon Caravan that hit me. She barely had anything wrong with her bumper…just some smudges on her black bumper (her bumper smudged mine up real good, though)…I look to see who hit her…and lown and behold, it was Tony! How horrible. His Grand Prix got SMASHED, bad! He felt horrible. We move the cars out of the left westbound lane and pulled off onto a side street. Tony and I called our insurance company, AAA, and worked out our details for filing claims, etc. The Arab girl had her cousin roll up and help her out. She seemed a bit nervous, but not really. It all worked out in the end for her. You know, I should have taken a picture of the damage to the Saab, oh well.