Only 3 more days!

PHEW! We have only 3 more days until the big race! The weather reports are showing it to be slightly colder than it was last year in Chicago. At first, it looked like it might be REALLY cold, low 40s for a high, with rain. But as of now, it’s looking like it’ll be in the high 30s in the morning with a high temperature in the 50s with afternoon rain showers. We can dig that. Afternoon rain is just fine when we’re at home or out to eat, resting. We’ll have to be studying for our midterm we have the following day though, which kind of sucks. But how hard can it be? I’m hoping it’s not too hard. Monday night will be more of a “relief” night than Sunday night, I’m thinking.

Rush Limbaugh
I don’t know enough about the guy, but I guess he tried to take a crack at being a football analyst on ESPN. The other day, he made a comment that Donovan McNabb, the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, was overrated as a QB because the NFL wanted a black quarterback to succeed. Read this story.