My External Womb Idea

In talking with my account rep at the company I currently work for, I was reminded of a funny conversation we had. I was explaining to Kendall and Michelle (my reps) the idea I had for an external womb.

It’s like a fish tank that is filled with a gelatinous substance so that you can see the embryo form into a human being the whole time. The gel is transparent, and full of all the nutrients the child will need to grow.

You just add the “juice” as the weeks and months progress, not letting it affect your busy life. It’s the best of both worlds. You bring a baby into this world without the physical and emotional grief of carrying it to term. Imagine, the “mother” could go out after work, have a few cocktails with friends, and never have to worry about hurting the child. For our urban warriors, this is most ideal. Obviously, if you live in Hanging Dog, North Carolina (a real town), there’s not much to do, so hanging out with the baby, built-in, isn’t a bad idear. The sales down there wouldn’t be as high as they would be in a place like Detroit, Chicago, New York (which one of those three is NOT like the other?).