Happy Birthday Michelle and Dino’s Disastrous Drinking!

Today is my wife’s birthday! We had a nice breakfast with her dad, and now they are off to go hit golf balls to get Michelle ready for her work’s golf outing on Friday.

Dino got wasted, well, we all did!
Pictures of this exciting night!

Jon and Dawn had their first social gathering amongst our friends yesterday. Good food, great actually, good times, good drinks, and good laughs! In attendance were Me, Michelle, Jesse (Jason), Dino, Danielle, Mitch, Vesna, and of course, Jon and Dawn. Jon made some crazy good food! Stuffed shells, tube noodles with an awesome sauce, various Italian sausages in an amazing sauce, an amazing salad, and to top it off, exceptional steaks grilled to our liking! But lemme tell ya about the fun drinking escapades! Jon and I were drinking Crown Royal and Cokes (diet for me), Dino was making his usual, Killer Koolaid (which has a few different liquors…mixing is bad…you’ll find out later), and in the meanwhile, we were doing shots of some Cuervo 1800 Tequila! And boy oh boy, throw Tequila into the mix, and EVERYONE not only gets wasted, but people start getting S I C K! And the PERSON, not people, that got sick was Dino. He first threw up in Jon’s sink… not bad, we thought. At least he made it to the sink and not all over the kitchen table, counter, floor, or elsewhere that would require someone to have to actually clean it up…but it didn’t end there. After puking, he decided it would be a good idea to lay down (pass out) on the couch. Good, he’ll rest, feel like shit in the morning, and move on with his life. NO WAY JOSE! It didn’t end at that. Shortly after laying down, he jumped up and decided that he’d puke in a 16oz. Solo cup that was on Jon’s coffee table. Well, he missed the cup, and got it all over the coffee table, remote controls, and his carpet, which is light in color, by the way. Hell, even if he made it INTO the cup, that 16oz. volume would certainly not hold what came out of Dino. Poor guy. Jon took the coffee table and threw it out on the front lawn. I barely remember getting the hose from the side of the house, but I do remember spraying down the coffee table, and the remotes, unfortunately.