1 more marketing class at Wayne State

Marketing: After tonight’s class, we have one more, and that will be in Greektown. Supposedly, we should have a take-home final exam and we’ll have to do our group 20 page paper. How tough can that be? There are 6 of us. That equates to less than 4 pages each. Can’t complain about that, right?

Hyeppy Toozdey!

Set a record for 1 mile: So, I felt good today, had two days or rest instead of the normal one day or zero days of rest. Mile 1 to 2 was my best 1 mile performance, ever! I did it at 9 miles per hour, 6:40! Yippee! I really need to kick up my […]

Testing w.bloggar v3.02

Okay, so…this thing seemed to have grief, but after I clicked X, it seems to have worked. This UI seems a little bit cooler than Zempt’s. My buddy, Anand, from Imetris just walked into this suite looking for a floppy. He spent about 30 minutes bullshitting w/ me. It was great. to see him!!!


Kim’s Shower: The shower was a damn good time! Kim seemed a bit nervous, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the end. The introductions were great, the lunch was awesome. I think the girls had a very nice time. They had some pretty cool pineapple boats for a pre-lunch snack. The guys met […]

Concert Fun!

Counting Crows and John Mayer: This fucking sucks! I just typed two or three paragraphs describing how good the concert was. Now I have to try again. Oh well. Michelle and I were running late, literally. We decided to do our 10 mile run on Saturday so that we wouldn’t have to worry about squeezing […]


Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday! He he. So I’ve got this fancy new BLOG software installed on my machine, and I’ve got a whole weekend of excitement to look forward to, yeah right, and now I have the freedom to deal with my own server when it comes to babbling about my boring life. Wakeboarding: We […]