Beers + Lack of H20 = Migracious

What does 4 16 oz. glasses of Molson Canadian + the lack of proper amounts of H20 give you? M I G R A C I O U S ! ! ! What is migracious, you ask? It’s a frickin’ migraine headache. The good news: It’s not a completely debilitating one! It is the kind you can take two Excedrin’s and drink a cup of coffee to cure! Phew!

Pepe and Sarah
They’re here! It was a good time last night. I think Pepe and Sarah were a little tired. We had to swing by Costco to grab 3 cases of water. Michelle called shortly before I left for the airport to tell me that Shelby Township had a boil water advisory! Not again! Damn it! So we went to Costco to get water. I was almost “shifted” (I’ll explain later) when I found Costco was out of the 35 pack of 16.9 bottles of Ice Mountain water we normally get. However, I peeked into the back room, and low and behold, they had a pallet of half-eaten cases! Yippee! No shift! We got home and started sucking down beers and watched the MTV Video Music Awards! It was a damn good show. I got to see my current favorite artist, 50 Cent perform P.I.M.P. with one of my other favorites, Snoop Dogg! It was a fun performance. The stage was filled with these cats dressed up in pimp outfits! It was awesome! We missed the beginning of the show, which we’ll have to catch later, which had Britney Spears and Christina Aguillera performing “Like a Virgin” as a tribute to Madonna. Later, Madonna locked lips with the two young divas! I’ll have to make sure to catch that part of the show!