Could it have been any MORE humid this morning? Holy shit! I thought it would be a nice, cool run. Hell no. It was like running through a swamp. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I guess. I ran my 9 miles this morning because the Senator and Kinski are coming over to visit tonight. They are moving to Boston next month, and we haven’t see them since they got married last month. There are a number of reasons they are coming, actually. 1) They are moving soon, 2) They are bringing over their memory card with Alaska (honeymoon) pictures, 3) Dave and I are drafting in my Yahoo! Fantasy Football League, and 4) We’re having Salmon and Fixin’s (Dave and Kinski are providing those)…oh, and Dave and I will probably suck down a few brews! After the 9 miles is out of the way, I can indulge in a few beers. Oh, but I indulged in a few last night, while drafting in the Brett Reed FFL. I did alright.

New weight record!
I weighed 179.2 pounds this morning! My new record! Let’s see if I can keep under 180 pounds… not sure it’s going to happen, but I’d be pretty certain that over the next four weeks, with the mileage becoming obscene, it should be an easy task!