What a beautiful couple!

My mom and dad celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on August 21. What a model of a beautiful marriage, and a beautiful couple. My mom and dad are complements for each other. We went over there tonight to celebrate their anniversary in our own, “quiet” family style. We just hung out, talked, and enjoyed an awesome slideshow that Dino burned onto VideoCD with the help of a program he found on the internet! Thanks, Dino!

We brought them an authorization paper for them to get their first new car since 1997. They are getting a Chevy Impala LS. I think they are really going to like this car. It’s bascially loaded except for leather, from the gist of things! Good for them! They deserve a new car. Hell, they deserve two new cars!

Gina was preparing for tomorrow’s class. I think she’s a bit nervous, still, since it doesn’t seem like she has a whole lot of guidance when it comes to lesson plans and what she has to teach these kids. She doesn’t want to be unprepared and have the already wild kids running loose and leaving her class. Good for you, Gina! Just get some rest!!!