Cheyenne’s Horse Show, David’s Birthday, and Running at Kensington

Cheyenne’s Horse Show:
Michelle and I had the fabulous opportunity to see her cousin, Cheyenne, perform in a horse show this weeked up in Imlay City at the East Michigan Fair. Cheyenne was stupendous. She won all 12 events she was in, and her horse, Morgan, was the Reserve Grand Champion! Good for you Cheyenne, Morgan, and the rest of the family! Here are some pictures. It was great to see the entire Moore family: Rico, Corrine, Blake, Nathan, and Cheyenne! Blake is getting ready to go down to Lima, Ohio, where he’ll do 3 years at mechanic’s school. Sounds like a great opportunity for him!

The way this happened was that we were sort of planning to go up there on Saturday, after our EARLY 15 mile run. We didn’t think that we’d 1) Sleep in on Saturday morning (sort of becoming a habit), and 2) Get a phone call at 8:45AM asking us to come up there. The crazy thing was that the message said she was going on at 10AM. I turned over to Michelle and said: How far away is it? Can we get there by 10AM? She said sure, and we quickly got to our feet and were there by 9:45AM. Thanks to the Saab 93 Vector, of course! We’re both so glad we made it up there. It turned into one of those lazy Saturdays where we play all day!

David’s Birthday:
After we came home from Imlay City and Great Lakes Crossing, we started getting ready for David’s birthday party at Augie’s. I washed the Saab so that I could show it off (but I never got to in the daylight) and Michelle showered up! We had a blast at Augie’s. Uncle Dick and Aunt Marlene were at their best! David got hammered, which was a damn good time, and the rest of us just enjoyed the night. A little loud and hard to talk, but what the hell… it’s Augie’s!

32 inch waist!
For the first time since 1992, I was able to get myself into 32 inch shorts! I picked up some 33 and 32 inch DKNY shorts from Saks Off Fifth Avenue on Saturday! BOY OH BOY! I am so pumped! I’m sick of wearing 36 inch waist shorts having to always pull them up!

Run on Sunday:
So we decided that we’d run on Sunday, which we did. And let me tell you, it was the best long run we’ve ever had. Ended up going to Kensington Metro Park, which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The weather couldn’t have been better. High 70s, near 80, and cloud covered. The sun never had a chance to get us, and the slightly cool temps really helped us out. Part of the run/bike path goes along the water, other parts go throug the woods. It’s definitely a spot we want to go back to. We’ll definitely do our 20 mile run there, as it is VERY peaceful, and very stimulating. The scenery changes so often that it keeps you going!