Kim’s Shower:
The shower was a damn good time! Kim seemed a bit nervous, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the end. The introductions were great, the lunch was awesome. I think the girls had a very nice time. They had some pretty cool pineapple boats for a pre-lunch snack. The guys met up in the bar to get a cocktail before we headed to the Villa Penna restaurant for our lunch. Our lunch was awesome. Started off with some pasta, white sauce w/ vegetables and thin pasta with red sauce were our choices. We then had potatoes and green beans. I opted for only green beans. I had both flavors of pasta, oh, and had some break. Not bad. Not bad. I then had a piece of chicken as my meat portion of the meal. Matt gave us the information we needed for our tuxedo, rehearsal dinner, and other odds and ends we’d need for the wedding’s logistics. As usual, I put pictures up, immediately, at http://photos.filias.com.

We had a very nice treat of having my mom and dad come over after Kim’s shower. They hadn’t been there since we just powerwashed our deck. They were only there the last time when my dad and me put the patio set together. I was so glad to have them over. My dad helped us prune the tomato plants a bit, and coached us along the fine art of tomato growing. I asked him why the tomato plants were so big, and he said: Because you planted them in virgin soil. Vegetables had never been planted in that spot. HOW FUN! We should have TONS of tomatoes this year! Yippee!! Shortly after my mom and dad came, Gina came! We had a great visit with her. I tried to reach Dino and Danielle, but I couldn’t get a hold of them. I left them a message…hoping for the best. In the meantime, Lilly called and said she wanted to make the 20 min. trip down and see the house. We were so excited. She brought Alyssa and their neighbor-friend, Jessica. I can’t believe she’s already in 10th grade. It’s amazing how fast people grow. Especially when you don’t see them. She’s going to be a very pretty girl as she grows up. She’s now in cheerleading, and that made Gina excited. They are going to Cedar Point today, the 4 of them, Gina, Alyssa, Jessica, and Lilly. They tried to convince Michelle to go, but she needed a bit more notice than 8 hours. 🙂 Shortly after Lilly arrived, Dino and Danielle popped in! It was great! I loved all the visitors! People, people, people!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days:
What a great movie. We topped off our Sunday by watching this movie that my mom sent us. It’s one of the better romantic comedies I’ve seen in quite some time! Thanks, Mama!