Happy Humpday! Not much to talk about today. Gina is starting her job in three weeks. She just found out her pay rate, and all seems to be falling in place. I’m very excited for her! Got my protein drinks yesterday from DPS Nutrition, as well as my free T-shirt. I already cut that bitch up this morning, to be fully converted into a lifting shirt!

Our presentation went very well yesterday. We were the first to present. I was a bit nervous, and didn’t read and talk about ALL of the information I wanted to for the slides I was responsible for. Oh well. Live and learn…I keep livning…and keep learning. I heard other students talking about how awesome our presentation was and how we raised the bar. That makes me and the rest of the team feel fantastic! Yippee!! We also found out our final is going to be a take-home test which we’ll bring back to Greektown’s Exodus Club for that final class session, August 12. I’m very excited about it! All we really need to do now is to write our 20 page paper, as a group. Shouldn’t be very difficult. We’ve already got the major foundation completed with the information in our presentation! After this, two more foundation classes. EXCITED for the Winter!