Family is back from Greece

Family is home!
My mom, dad, brother, and Danielle (brother’s fiance) are home from Greece. My parents went for one month and my brother and his fiance went for two weeks. They all had a fantastic time, as usual. My dad wishes he had a car of his own there, so that he wouldn’t have to rely on others to drive them around everywhere! I was so exited to surprise them and be there… funny, Michelle and I were the only ones there to greet them. Danielle’s dad was to be driving around the internatial arrivals area, so he was all set, but Gina was quite late. I don’t think she was lost, I think she was just late. Irregardless, my family was excited and surprised to see us. The most exciting part was when I went to get the car, and when Michelle said to look out in the road for me, they all looked around, lost. They finally saw me in the new car and were bewildered. They thought I had someone else’s car. Anyway, in the end, they loved the car, and Michelle and I drove my mom and dad home since their Ford Ranger has a broken A/C, and they had been plagued with very hot weather in Greece, and NO air conditioning, anywhere! So glad they are home.

Running was tough:
Michelle and I did our 13 mile run yesterday morning. Super humid. It wasn’t hot at all, but it was humid. I’d say it was damn near 100% humidity. I was actually hoping it would rain so that it would cool off and “dry” up. It didn’t. It took us 2:19 to run 13 miles. Over a 10:00 mile pace. Oh well. Keep on training.

The weekend was great! We worked on our schoolwork this weekend. We have a presentation to put together and present on Tuesday for our marketing class. It’s kind of fun working in a group. I haven’t worked in a group since my software engineering class. It’s kind of nice when you don’t have to do all the work. We also went out to dinner in Mexican Village on Saturday night with Pinche (Ricardo). He took us to the Del Rey Taqueria! It was AWESOME, as usual. I am so glad I was able to show Michelle this gem of a restaurant. She loved it. We went home and rested before our 13 mile run.

My Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 speakers blew for no reason. I guess 2.5 years is their lifespan. 🙁 Let’s hope they have a warranty still. If not, cheaper Logitech 2 channel speakers for me.