Finally sold the GTI!

Sold the GTI:
Man, what a hassle at the bank this morning. Greg came to get the title with his cashier’s check. However, my bank, Metro Credit Union, didn’t want to release the title for 10 days so that the check would clear. Man, it was a cashier’s check… He basically had to drive from North Warren to Auburn Hills to get a new check, stamped and certified. This added at least one hour to my morning off from work. What a damn hassle. Anyway, the car is sold. The car will be picked up on Monday night. I’m excited for the guy, and I’m excited to get my new car. Looks like it won’t be here on Monday, like I had hoped, but that’s okay. It gives me time to make sure I truly want this specific car.

Pepe and Sarah:
Picking up Pepe and Sarah from Metro Airport tonight. I’m excited to play with them, play with the friends, and just have a damn good time this weekend. It’s the weekend!!!