Motrin saves the day!

It’s amazing how medicine actually works. If we were in the dark ages, and you took a pill that took the pain away, you’d think it was witchcraft, voodoo, or magic of some sorts. I tweaked my back yesterday, and it hurt ALL DAY LONG! This morning, I took 3 over-the-counter 200mg Motrin caplets…and what a relief they are. It took away about 85% of my pain, and it led me to having an awesome shoulder workout! Tonight, I run six miles. I’ll probably take some prior to departing for the run.

Guest preparation:
Pepe and Sarah and coming into town tomorrow night at 7:45pm. I have to pick them up from Metro Airport. I’m so excited. In lieu of that, we’re making sure our house is “Spic and Span”. They’ll be our first overnight guests since we moved in on May 29. We both look forward to it!