Eminem and Fifty ROCKED!

Concert last night was awesome!!!! After a long weekend of staining the deck, putting the spare bedroom together, cutting up a small, dead tree in our backyard for firewood for our copper fire pit, and a few other chores, the Eminem concert on Sunday night was an excellent treat. We started the night by going to Pinche’s (Ricardo’s) place near Wayne State. Met some of his friends, and also saw Alan, a friend from Michigan Tech. I had a few Coronas (three) before the show, and ended up getting a ride from his friends Tara and Molly. Thanks girls! We got there at a great time. I figured we’d be late, but we weren’t. We had a chance to walk around Ford Field, get some grip from the ATM, people-watch, and get to our general admission area. What a blessing general admission was! The sound was AWESOME down there. I’ve never heard or felt BASS like that in my life. As we realized at the end, the sound everywhere else sucked! It was hollow, and mainly mid-range only. So glad I couldn’t get 100 level seats the day I got tix on ticketmaster.com. PHEW on that! Missy Elliot was alright. Thought she’d be better… no biggie though. We mainly went there to see Fifty Cent and Eminem. Fifty Cent stole the show in our minds! He was the bomb!!! He performed his entire album, almost! He’s a big kid, too. Good to see he’s in such good shape! His tats are phat, too. Eminem was awesome! His entrance was amazing. His stage was amazing. It was set up like a carnival…it even had a working ferris wheel, all lit up! At the end of his show, he even had the 8 Mile Mobile Court sign drop down from the center of the arena for his performance of “8 Mile”. Impressive! His entrance was fun, too. It showed a video clip of him and Proof getting off a Shady Records plane, stepping into a black Shady Records H2, and telling the driver they were in a hurry and needed to get to Ford Field! The driver turned around, with a fifth of Jack Daniel’s in his hand, and told them not to worry about it! The driver was Kid Rock! It was funny as hell. It was one of those videos where everything was in fast motion, and Kid Rock was driving all crazy. Em and Proof were in the back seat, all buckled up and nervous. It was hilarious. At the end of the clip, the H2 actually drove Eminem up near the stage and let him out to an ovation that sent Lions back into their den! Eminem’s show was great. He performed a lot of his latest songs, then gave the floor to D12 and Obie Trice for a while. I didn’t like that so much, as I came to see Em…but what can ya do? He wants to promote his peeps. The concert, overall, was AMAZING!