Working on the house!!

Pretty much all weekend was spent working on the house in one way, shapre, or form. Saturday was spent power-washing (more watching than doing). My father-in-law, Tom, and his brother, Dick, did the honors. My dad also came by to watch and show me around the flowers and tomato plants as well. The powerwashing, which wasn’t smooth until Chris came over and showed us that the throttle was too high, that’s why we weren’t getting any pressure, was a success…so I thought. Funny, you’d think the rabbit setting would do the trick. An area that was washed with low pressure needs to get re-washed. Go figure. Anyway, after the washing, my dad and I went patio furniture shopping. We went to Sears where there was this cute set: 6 chairs, rectangular table, umbrella, and base for about 450 bux. They wouldn’t have it in stock until July 28. Hell, that’s too long. So we went to this patio joint on Garfield that only sells stuff 1500 bux and up. Too rich for my blood. We resorted to K-Mart (GREAT IDEA DAD!). I picked up a Martha Stewart Santa Monica set. Very cute! It’s a hexogonal table with six chairs. I also got the umbrella and base. Michelle loved it!

Yesterday, I figured it would be a great day to 1) Run 5 miles, 2) Trim and mow the lawn, and 3) Stain the deck.

I did 1 and 2, and started on 3. Everyone said staining the deck is a piece of cake. “It only takes 2 hours!” Bullshit. It took over 2 hours and I only did about 35% of the deck. And it’s not even a good job. I need to re-powerwash the part that was left dirty and probably powerwash some spots that have a bit too much stain. 🙂

I would like to thank Chris and Bahia (and Bahia’s parents) for the nice dinner last night. Michelle was out of town, and I was going hungry. No, just kidding.

I’d also like to thank Chris, deeply, for all the help he’s given me on the house. Thanks, buddy.

I’d also like to thank Dan and April who came by last night to watch me TRY to stain the deck. Thanks guys. And thanks for offering to help on Wednesday, Dan!