Shuttle Boxes are gorgeous!

Shuttle Boxes:
I finally got everyone’s Shuttle boxes squared away. Demo’s, David’s, mine, and Michelle’s. Actually, ours need to have the Zalman chipset heatsink put on… I don’t like the chipset fan, as it’s noisy as hell. I finally sent back my DOA GF 4 Ti4600 card the other day…and low and behold, it came back to me, here at Ford! How crazy is that? FedEx forgot to remove or cross out the old FedEx label. Oh well. A phone call later and it was removed. I replaced the video card with the ATI Radeon All in Wonder 9700 Pro. What a gorgeous card. I can’t wait to install a game or two and play some…it’s been quite some time for me to play a game! Aside from that, I’ve finally got something like a Tivo in my possession.

I got invited to some VW sales event that is going on this week. Apparently, they are trying to give people incentives to trade in their cars (my letter said 1998). I wonder if someone with a 1999 got a letter inviting them? Strange, but it’s worth a shot. Most likely, they’ll offer me some heinous amount for the car, like 8k. Won’t happen though. I owe $11,221 at the moment. I can’t take any less than $10,500 for the car. I can’t stand to lose money… we’ll see. I’d love to get a brand new Jetta 1.8T, slap a chip in it, and that’s that… I guess I’m just sick of my car for a reason. Must be why people lease cars for two years at a time. Strange thing is, I have only had this car for a year and a half. Maybe becuase it’s a 1998, and the Cherokee I sold was also a 1998. I never moved into a “newer” vehicle.

Two weeks until we get the keys to our house. I can’t wait…Michelle can’t wait. The downstairs tenant has young kids who like to hang out and play somewhat loud music for hours and hours. I think they had their stereo on somewhat loud from 4pm until about 1am last night. Good for them, their mom was gone…but, we won’t have to deal with this stuff when we have our house. 😀