Showing Golf and getting the keys!!!

Golf GTI: Showed a guy my car last night. He bent my fucking rim… it was already bent, but this bend that happened caused my tire to have a slow leak. Almost went flat this morning. Am I ever going to sell my fucking car? House: We get the keys in 30 minutes! We can’t […]

Milan Dragstrip – Deutsch vs. Deutsch

Milan race day came and went!!!: It was awesome!!! All I can say is that I learned a few things about launching and reaction times, and I learned that low profile tires aren’t that great for drag racing. I learned that a Corvette Z06 is fucking awesome! There was a guy there with his, it […]

Office 2003 Rocks!

Outlook 2003 Beta 2: As usual, I have the luxury of getting software a little bit ahead of its release-date. Thanks to the newsgroups, I’m trying out a Beta 2 version of Office 2003 Professional Beta 2. So far, I’ve been using Outlook 2003, which is fantastic… I have found one bug so far, too! […]

Newsgroups are fun!

Everything is just hunky-dory over here. Computer is just hummin’ away. Newsgroups are spittin’ out the files faster than I can burn the CDs. I love it. Absolutely love it. I love that I’m going to “bless” my friends with good games right now. Absolutely love nothing more than that! We’re off to April’s 30th […]

Shuttle Boxes are gorgeous!

Shuttle Boxes: I finally got everyone’s Shuttle boxes squared away. Demo’s, David’s, mine, and Michelle’s. Actually, ours need to have the Zalman chipset heatsink put on… I don’t like the chipset fan, as it’s noisy as hell. I finally sent back my DOA GF 4 Ti4600 card the other day…and low and behold, it came […]

Demo’s Shuttle, Video Card Grief, Athena is tender, Sell the Damn GTI?, Pistons!!!

Another Shuttle Box: I built my cousin, Demo, a Shuttle SN41G2 box. His sports a Barton 2500 processor, 512MB of Kingston HyperX PC2700 memory, a 120GB Seagate Barracuda V 7200 RPM hard drive set to “quiet” mode, a Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro, an LG DVD/48x CD-Burner combo drive, a Samsung SyncMaster 191T Silver LCD monitor […]

Busy Weekend

What a very busy weekend we had!!! Friday night, we saw X-Men 2. Very exciting movie, but we saw it at 10:15, and for some reason, I went back to my form of falling asleep periodicially when watching movies late at night. It’s been quite a while since I’ve succomed to this, but I did. […]