Got the Shuttle!

I received my SN41G2 last week…what a beauty. I noticed it was kind of loud, so I started to find ways to quiet it down. I came here. I replaced the 80mm fan w/ a Vantec Stealth 80mm fan. Seemed to help. I first tried to put a Zalman 80A on my GF4 Ti4600, but quickly found out that it doesn’t fit. Oh well. So I 7-volted it. Seemed to be quieter…but not quiet enough. Must be the PSU fan. That’s next.

In the meantime, I installed SpeedFan 4.08. Wanted to see how this thing worked, since everyone on here seems to use it. Fired it up, but couldn’t get the fan speeds to go down… no biggie. I decided I’d deal with it today. Well…..

When I went to my XPC this morning, I noticed my LCD was black…no biggie, power savings. So I thought…

PC must have froze up in the middle of the night. I opened the case to make sure the Ti4600 fan was still spinning. It was. Made sure the PSU and heatpipe fans were still spinning. They were. So I figured I’d hit the reset button, no go. I figured I’d do a cold power cycle. No go. I pulled the PSU plug, waited, plugged it in, held Insert, and hit power. No go.

Damn thing…it won’t boot up.