Things are finally starting to work my way

So, here I am, over two weeks into the new job, and LOTS of stuff is happening!

Michelle and I are buying a house, I’m trying to sell my car and my computer so I can “start over” in that department.

On to the house: Michelle and I close on April 21, and we should be moving in around the 2nd week of May if all goes well. Worst case, the sellers only have until May 21 to stay in the house as written in our purchase agreement.

On to the car: GM is offering 0% APR for 60 months! How could you pass up free money? I’d like to sell my car for what I owe and get myself a Saab 93 Vector. I didn’t LOVE the Saab Pepe had, but it was nice… this new Saab 93 is gorgeous. Of course, a test drive would be nice.

On to the computer: Michelle and I want to decorate our “office” first and foremost. How do we do this? We implement form and function. We get rid of our obnoxiously large computer cases and move into a Shuttle SN41G case. About a foot cubed, stainless steel look…very nice, very sleak, very futuristic. Also, I dump my two CRT monitors which are 19″ and 21″ and get an LCD, hopefully 18″ or 19″ that does 1600×1200. Michelle already has a 17″ LCD that she got at valentine’s day.

That’s about it for now… still looking for an advertiser or two for