Can’t a brutha go on a vacation?

My attempts to get out-of-town this weekend were thwarted every which way I turned. First, I wanted to go to Phoenix, couldn’t. Tickets were too much, and the looming war scared my wife. She didn’t want anything to happen to me. Who’s to blame her? Second, I wanted to visit some of my friends in Chicago. One friend is probably still stuck in Denver (fun snowboarding for him, though!!!), and is booked all weekend, and my other friends are actually coming to Michigan for the weekend to visit family. Oh well. I’ll stick around here and “rest” until my work week starts Monday morning.

We’re back in the house-hunt again!!! We’re going to look at two houses this evening in a neighborhood we really like that is close to where we live and close to Stony Creek Park, where we do most of our running at during the summer. I guess I’m a runner, or part-time runner. We are going to do the Detroit Marathon this October 5, unless something goes awry. It’ll be my second and Michelle’s third. She has a goal to quality for the boston marathon. To do this, she has to run 8:20/mile pace. Me, I’d have to run 7:56 (not gonna happen) pace. I just want to best my 10:16 pace from last year, by, say…a whole 1:00 per mile. Hopefully, my weeks of weight training prior to the June 1 training start-date and my continued weight training during the early weeks of running will help me succeed in my goal(s).

Have a good day. Let’s hope this war in Iraq ends quickly, with minimal loss of life.