Spring is almost here!

Here we are, at the beginning of March… ALMOST Spring… OH boy!!! With Spring comes nice weather, fun thunderstorms, and the beginning of outdoor season. What’s outdoor season? Well, it’s that season in Michigan where you can actually start playing outside, planning to play outside, and WANTING to play outside. Playing outside can be a simple walk with your lovely wife, a relaxing bikeride around a park, or even a grueling 6 mile run around that same park!

Spring can also be a time of renewal. A time for Spring Cleaning. And not just Spring Cleaning of your domicile, but also of your mind. Perhaps Spring Cleaning can be put to good use on our outlooks, on or aspirations, and our push in to the future. Maybve I’m just writing this nonsense because I’ve been laid off for FIVE FUCKING MONTHS, and it dosn’t seem to be getting any better. Well, it is. I’m starting to get a few calls from companies. You know, I was thinking about this job hunt business… all I want is for people to call back, write back (personally, not with an autoresponder), or write back with snail mail. At least this way, I know that some human being is actually LOOKING at the e-mail and snail mail resume submissions I’m providing. At least I can get potential interviews. If I could just interview once a week, and fail at every one of them, I’d at least have a chance to grow and build from my tribulations…and in time, have a triumph!!

Besides a wonderful wife, and a great marriage, one of the other things that has been going well for me is Axim Users Dot Com. I’ve got well over 600 members now, and the site has only been up for 2 months! I’m starting to consider advertising on the site, too. With some advertising, I can hopefully grow the site into something large, more useful for the Axim community out there. Stay tuned for that…

Had my final in Accounting yesterday afternoon. ARGH! Studied for a few days…even prepared a 3.5″ note card which was about as usefull as a typewriter would’ve been on the exam. Sheesh, when you think you actually KNOW some material, and you can’t put it to good use, that’s when you feel like an ass. Well, I have my financial analysis project to redeem my grade (I went into the final with an A). I am going to analyze Dell’s 2001 Annual Report. Hopefully I’ll learn something about the company, about accounting, and about the economy in general, as well as get my grade up and safe into the B range.