Accounting Exam

Oh yeah, had my first Accounting exam in my pursuit of an MBA. Got a 41/50… not so bad considering how much time I put into it. Although, I’d have loved to get a 45+ on it. Oh well. My wife, however, she kicked a$$ and got a 48/50. She’s smart, and good at school. […]

Lots going on

Hello friends. Things have been quite busy for me as of late. I’ve been fairly busy with some web work over the past few weeks, and have been really busy trying to get Axim Users Dot Com off the ground. It’s taking off much better than I had anticipated, and as a result, I haven’t […]

Thea Sofoula died! DAMN IT!

It’s been a pretty rough week, filled with good news and bad news. The good news: It was my birthday on January 23. Axim Users Dot Com has started to take off, with over 300 users registered now! A few websites, mainly Pocket PC Thoughts, posted a small blurb on my site, drawing nearly 100 […]

Axim Users Dot Com

Hey friends. I’ve been pretty busy getting Axim Users Dot Com up and running. It’s evolved from a forum using Invision Board to a portal based on the Invision Board. It’s getting rave reviews so far, and a small community is forming. I’ve had a headache with my Axim X5 and Dell’s customer service and […]

School books online!

Hey friends! It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged. I’m about to head down to school for my first class in my pursuit for an MBA! I found the book I need on for $30 plus shipping (used) compared to $97.35 for it new. Man, I love the internet as a community! Let’s […]


So far, Axim Users Dot Com is working out nicely. I’ve got about 52 users on the site, and it seems that about 10 of them are active. I hope that more and more Axim users will flock to this site. I need to do something more to it to make it more attractive. I […]

Favorite Icons

Thanks to Dan, I’ve now got Favorite Icons for and for Thanks again, Dan! I’ve figured out how to sync my Axim X5 via WiFi (802.11b). You can read details of this at I’ve also figured out how to use my cell phone to get online, using IR and my Axim X5. […]

Blue Mountain is fun!

The Blue Mountain trip was a damn good time! The snowboarding was awesome on the first day, the 30th of December. On the 2nd day, the snow was very slushy, the runs were sometimes non-existent, and they started to close the ticket booths for lift tickets. All-in-all, the trip was a damn good times. You […]