I love the holidays!!!

Holiday Week: The holiday week and weekend have been very fun. Celebrated Dan’s birthday on Friday, and had a surprise birthday party last night! Man, the party last night was like a wedding. I think I’ve been to weddings that were smaller than this!! Snowboarding trip: Going to Blue Mountain tomorrow morning for 3 days […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (LATE!)!!! My wife, Michelle, bought me the Dell Axim X5. Okay, I have to admit, I kind of had an idea about it. There weren’t too many things she could buy me that I didn’t already have. Well, today, I ordered some SD memory and an 802.11b CompactFlash card for it. Should be […]

PC Craziness

Okay. I’m going crazy with my friend’s PC. I brought him over a 300W Enhance power supply. Not sure on how good Enhance is, but it should’ve worked, really. His machine is STILL FREEZING UP, randomly in normal use, and ALWAYS when trying to run Serious Sam 2. I’m very certain it’s not the game, […]

Hilljack Computer Show

The computer show was dirty as hell. I didn’t want to break it to Chris and Scott, because I wanted them to experience it for themselves. We had a joke going that most people that go to computer shows wear trenchcoats and high-tops. Well, we saw a guy with a black pleather trenchcoat with brown […]

New Processor Today

I got my XP1800+ today. AIUGA stepping, factory unlocked! I thought it would be, but I’m happy that it’s verified. Also, this TBred is kind of neat, as the core is smaller than my Palomino’s, and the core doesn’t have writing on it anymore. Instead, they have a black rectangular bar that has all the […]