Okay, so they were kind enough to correct the problem they caused to my Saab wheels. I took my car there yesterday to get that process started. They told me it'd be about :45 to get the wheels swapped. WRONG! It took them about 2:15 to get the car back to me. I was pretty upset. On top of that, when I was driving home on the Southfield FWY, my wheels were wobbling at speeds above 50mph. I was too far to head back and have them fix it, plus, I didn't want them delaying my life any more than it was already delayed. They told me to bring it into the store on Thursday morning. Well, I did that. Took about :57 minutes to get the car back to me. They put in some plastic rings that helped to center the wheels to my hubs. Well, it doesn't wobble as much, and it seems to only wobble at speeds above 70mph. They said they'd call me tomorrow morning, as they'd have my wheels back at that time. What a mess. All this because I wanted to save a few bucks and order the tires online and them have a shop that didn't sell me the tires mount them. Discount Tire's never done me wrong. Oh well.