...we found out that we were having Benjamin Peter Filias! I was four-wheeling with my fraternity brother, Gerry Lee, up near Exit 202 (the opposite direction of the "Sippy Hole"). Michelle had been home, mulling over whether or not she should take a pregnancy test. Well, she did, and when I came home, she was surprisingly quiet. While I was in the shower, washing up from the dirt and dust that 6+ hours of ATVing will do to a guy, she approached the shower with a note "Hi Daddy!" I wasn't sure if she was coming on to me, so I asked, and was blown away when my suspicions were wrong. She was calling me a "D A D D Y ! ! ! !"

Here we are now, Benjamin is getting a bath and I'm writing this, reminiscing, and thrilled to death that we have little Ben!