Speaking on Synthetic Mobile Performance Testing and Monitoring

CTaRVTpUYAAo5uFI gave a presentation on Synthetic Mobile Performance Testing and Monitoring last night as part of Mobile Monday Detroit at OU Inc. I talked about:

  • Mobile Web Monitoring Challenges
  • Website Performance: What is it?
  • Mobile Testing
  • 3rd party calls
  • Summary

I discussed some key benchmarks to look for in mobile performance testing:

  • End to end load time
  • Time to first paint
  • Time to interactive
  • Element count
  • Page size

It was a great turnout with great questions from the audience. I’d like to thank those that gave me the opportunity to speak.

Look here for the presentation deck when it becomes publicly available.

Been a while…

Thanks to Alex, been working on some new projects. Working with Heroku (had always been curious about their services) to install a node.js application called Telescope for some exciting things I can’t disclose yet.

Also planning to work with another node.js application, but not Telescope, in the coming days.

Doing my first speaking engagement on Monday to talk about Mobile Performance Monitoring at a Mobile Mondays event at Oakland University. The event is titled: Mobile Web/App Performance Testing and Monitoring.

I’ll be talking, at a high level, about synthetic testing/monitoring of mobile websites.

GM Heritage Collection

So maybe it’s re-post Ars Technica article day for me, but I found it interesting to see this as a featured article.

I’ve been to the Heritage Collection for a holiday party and found the place to be very well curated and manicured. If you like GM history, then this is definitely a must see in the Detroit area.

GM’s Heritage Collection – Ars Technica (Cars Technica) article


Amiga 500

Of all the computers I’ve owned in my life, none were more exhilarating and exciting as the Commodore Amiga 500. Sure, the short time with the Vic-20 and then the long tenure with the Commodore 64 were very forming of my being, but the sheer innovation and wow-factor of the Amiga were legendary!

Ars Technica has a great blast from the past with their new article on the Amiga 500.

The Amiga just turned 30 years old this week. It’s amazing how time flies. I can still remembering playing all those awesome Psygnosis games in my basement!

Give it a read, you’ll really enjoy it if you are or were an Amiga fan or even if you want a little history lesson.